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>> Saturday, December 20, 2008

This post will be a brief photo essay of the transformation of our house from the time we first saw it until the completion. The above photo was taken in May of 2003 when I helped Darryl make his move here to Cedar Ridge farm. The house, called a cabin by the previous owner, was totally unfinished on the inside. The electricity was in, thankfully.

This picture was taken shortly after our move here in March 2004. Some of the vertical siding had been removed, OSB sheathing had been put up, house wrap put on and new windows had been hung (just on this front side).

A few weeks later we were having concrete block piers put under the house, replacing rotting wooden posts. The piers to the right in the picture were to be used for the 12' by 30' addition.

The additon has been framed in, the roof put on and windows hung. We did not get the interior finished until the Summer and Fall of 2005.

I added an 8' by 30' porch across the front of the house late in the Fall of 2004.

In the Spring of 2005, before beginning to finish the interior of the addition, I added an 8' by 20' deck onto the back of the house.

This shot is of the side of the house as siding was being installed. I'll have more to say about the siding in future posts.

This is a view of the front of the house after completion.

This was taken from the side of the house after the siding was finished.

And here is the back of the house with the deck completed and the siding in place. Stay tuned for further posts about our home. If there is anything anyone would like to see or hear about in particular please let me know.


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