Tour of My Woodworking Shop

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

As time has allowed I have been getting my woodworking shop set up.  So, come with me on a brief tour.


This is looking into the shop.  My Jet contractor saw sits about in the middle of the shop.  At the back of the saw is a work bench/out feed table that I built.


On the left side of the shop is my Delta drill press and my Dewalt mitre saw.  Against the far wall, next to the filing cabinet, is my Craftsman Router Crafter.


This photo is taken from in front of the router crafter, looking toward the right side of the shop.  You can see my scroll saw that I  have had in storage for over 15 years and my 1” belt sander.  It is mounted on a bench that I built, mostly from material from the old house I tore down.


This is taken from the foot of the stairs to the loft showing the workbench/out feed table.  You can see my old bench grinder stored inside the bench.  This was salvaged from my father-in-law’s shop after his death.  A date on the bottom is stamped July 1960.  It has been around for a while.


This machine is to the immediate right as you enter the shop.  It is my chain grinder for sharpening chains for our chainsaws.  On the wall is my “Certificate of Completion” from the Foley-Belsaw Saw and Tool Sharpening School, January 1994.

Thanks for taking the tour.  If there are any questions your tour guide will be happy to answer them.


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