Some Kitchen Remodeling

>> Sunday, June 19, 2011

In 2004 when we were getting the house ready to live in we laid down cement board and put ceramic tile over it for a stove board.  We also put the same on the wall behind where our woodstove would sit.


This photo was taken before the hardwood floor was put down.  Here is one after it was finished and with our newly purchased wood stove set up/

As you know, if you have been reading my blog for awhile, we replaced this little stove with a wood burning cookstove with a large firebox that allows us to both cook and heat the house.

In this picture you can see how the cookstove takes up about all of the stove board. 


Once I built in the new cabinet we saw that we needed to move the stove a bit more to the left but there wasn’t room.  So, here came the remodeling project.

IMG_0001This is just prior to beginning.  You can see the limited amount of space between the stove and the cabinet on the right.

IMG_0003In this picture you can see that I have cut the oak flooring and am in the process of taking up that next to the stove board.  It did pain me a bit to think of the work my oldest son, Mark, put into laying all of this hardwood that summer of 2004.

IMG_0005All of the hardwood flooring that I needed to take up has been removed.  The next step was to put down some 1/2” cement board and lay more tile.  There was a bit of a problem there.  The tile I had used had been discontinued.  We got the tile that was listed as the replacement.  But, as we prepared to put it down we discovered that it was just a bit larger by almost 1/4”.  That forced me to squeeze the tiles together a bit more than I would have wished.

IMG_0008The tile is laid down and the trim between the tile and the oak floor is in place.  After the tile had set I grouted the joints.  To take care of the wall I decided to not add tile but to place a piece of metal on the wall with about an inch of air space behind it.  I painted the metal white.

IMG_0012Here is a view of the completed project.  Another and larger view is below.


Here you can see the new kitchen island, the new cabinet and the expanded stove board.  Now, what else can I find to do?


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