Fresh radishes and salad greens in December

>> Friday, December 5, 2008

After completing the work on our house there was a small quanity of sand left over. I decided the grandkids needed a sandbox. I built a box out of treated material that measured 6 feet by 8 feet. The kids loved it. I don't think that love extended to their mother, Anne, since sand seemed to stick to clothes, end up in pockets, etc. and was carried into the house. The major problem that was encountered was that the cats found the sandbox to be a BIG litter box. That just wasn't pleasant or healthful for the kids, so the sand was removed and I had a big box to do something with. I filled it with soil, built a framework and covered it with clear plastic making it into a small greenhouse. I used it last Spring to start some garden plants. I am trying to use it now to extend our growing season a bit. I planted several types of "greens" earlier this fall and have harvested a few items.

Wednesday afternoon I pulled several radishes. I saved the most tender looking leaves and added several turnip leaves. This made a very good green salad with a bit of oil and vinegar dressing. Hopefully we will have chard and spinach before very long, as well as more radishes and turnip leaves.


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