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>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Approximately 35 years ago an elderly man told me something I have never forgotten and have passed on many times. He stated that "if you aren't careful you will learn something everyday." Hopefully you aren't being too careful today and will learn something from this post.

As my profile states I am living in Metcalfe County Kentucky. Metcalfe County is located in the South Central area of the state. It is approximately 100 miles North of Nashville, TN and approximately 100 South of Louisville, KY. The population (per the 2000 census) is right at 10,000. The terrain of the 291 square miles making up the county is flat bottom land, rolling pastures, and steep hills. There is a variety of farming and timber operations, cattle (beef cows and calves primarily) being most dominant. Tobacco was probably the main crop for many years but the amount of tobacco grown has declined due to the government buy-out program, etc. Also, tobacco growing is very labor intensive.

There are several major industries with facilities in the county: Carhartt, Kingsford Mfg., Sumitomo Electric Magnet Wire America, Inc., Sumitomo Electric Wintec America, Inc., and Topps Safety Apparel, Inc. The county seat is Edmonton. Metcalfe County is home to a couple of entertainment groups. Lonzo and Oscar, known by many Grand Ole Opry listeners of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, grew up in the Cedar Flat community. A more recent group, The Kentucky Headhunters, also call Metcalfe County home.

I won't bore you with more information but perhaps you may have learned something.


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