Dandy Lions, er, uh, that's Dandelions

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Give dandelions an inch and they will take a yard! Gardeners the world over have dug, cut, and sprayed to get rid of dandelions. If it weren't for dandelions and other "weeds" I probably wouldn't have much of a lawn.
To children dandelions are a delight. I can remember as a kid holding a dandelion blossom under the chin of another child to see if "they liked butter." Supposedly the yellow reflection cast onto their chin from the blossom indicated that. The hollow stems could be bent around and inserted into the other end making a ring. Several could be made into a chain. My granddaughter likes to take the wishing flower and blow the seeds off. I don't think she is alone in that endeavor.
Last Spring Anne and Connie spent time gathering or foraging various wild greens for salads, including dandelion leaves of course. To see some of the various plants that we enjoyed visit Connie's photo essay on Tabblo.


Anna December 16, 2008 at 12:30 PM  

I always thought dandelions were part of the yard, until I married Jeffrey and he got his own yard. He's declared war on them. Says they don't belong in his yard.

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