>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We enjoy nuts. In previous years Connie would buy almonds for herself and English walnuts for me to put on our cereal of a morning. But, like everything else they have gotten expensive. However, we still have nuts for on our oats. This year there was an extra large crop of hickory nuts and black walnuts here in the area. We have 3 hickory trees here in our yard and they have produced several gallons of uncracked nuts. Connie doesn't care much for black walnuts so she is cracking and picking out the nut meats from the hickory nuts. I'm working on the black walnuts. Being larger than the hickory nuts the amount of nut meats accumulates alot faster. Yesterday Connie was gone most of the day and it was raining so it was an ideal day to work on the walnuts. Today was just damp and at times a bit of a mist, so another day with the nut pick. I'm nowhere close to having them all done but there is bound to be several more days that will be conducive to cracking walnuts before the winter months slip past.


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