>> Friday, January 30, 2009

Darryl and Anne are away for a couple of days and the grandkids are staying with us. The boot tray is overflowing with all of the boots.

Jan     29th=30th 007 The kids have insulated snow boots. I don’t believe I ever had any boots of that nature as I was growing up. All I can remember having were 4-buckle overshoes. I haven’t seen any for years but doing an internet search I find that they are still being manufactured and sold. The boots fit over whatever shoes you have on. My dad had a pair of 2-buckle overshoes, a low-top version. They kept your shoes dry but wouldn’t allow you to wade water of any depth.

He always had a pair of rubber boots, much like the ones of mine in the picture above. We always called them “gum boots,” which I found by doing an internet search, is a term used in several countries. In South Africa the mine workers which wore these types of boots to keep their feet dry in the wet mines even originated a “gum boot dance.” Many examples can be seen in various You Tube videos.

I found a rather humorous article pertaining to wearing gum boots that you might enjoy. Just click here.


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