It’s Snickers!

>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

We often refer to Snickers as “our old lady cat.” We obtained her in May of 2000 from some friends. She and her litter mates were born on March 15th of 2000. The rest of the litter looked much like any other farm cats, but Snickers decidedly looked like a Siamese.

IMG_0156 The photo to the right shows her in one of her most common poses, taking a nap. She is an “inny and outy” cat. She likes to be outside when it is nice but when it is cold or nasty she hates to go outside.

IMG_6755 One of the most irritating things she does is to get up onto the roof and/or climb a tree and then won’t or can’t seem to get down. She has spent a couple of days stranded there without her getting down on her own.

IMG_6787 Some have said that when a cat gets hungry they will climb down. However, I’ve searched a number of websites and have found that actually many cats can not get down. They, if not rescued, will eventually fall from the tree. I went up this tree pictured above and to the right. If you look close enough you will she her right in the center of the picture. (I’m too old to be doing that.) Darryl got her down from a tree behind his home by using his long extension ladder.

The picture below illustrates what we feel is her secret activity once everyone is in bed and sound asleep!

cat at computer (Not!)


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