Cutting Firewood

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

Since all of us here on the farm heat with wood we must spend some time cutting firewood.  We have cut almost no wood from the wooded acres here on Cedar Ridge Farm since we have been able to obtain wood on neighboring farms, primarily the tops of trees that have been cut down for the saw logs.  This Fall and Winter we have been getting our wood from a neighboring farm that had approximately 40 acres logged so there are lots of good hardwood tree tops laying there for the cutting.  These have been down for a year or two so the wood is already seasoned.  Darryl and I cut and hauled in a truck load of wood this morning.

Jan    22nd 003 This picture is of the area we worked this morning.

Jan    22nd 006 Here is a photo of Darryl working with his chainsaw cutting limbs into stove wood lengths.

Jan    22nd 016The larger pieces were split using our splitting mauls.

Jan    22nd 018  The truck has been backed into position and the wood is being thrown into the truck.

Jan    22nd 019 The truck is loaded and we are ready to head home.

Jan    22nd 020 Using the dump bed the load is unloaded.  And, all of this was accomplished in 2 and 1/2 hours.  That was from the time we left the house until we were back and the wood was dumped.  It should keep some of us warm for a few more days.


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