An Old Kentucky Home

>> Friday, January 2, 2009

In addition to an older mobile home and the unfinished cabin (that became our house) that was on Cedar Ridge Farm when Darryl and Anne purchased it there was “an old Kentucky home.” Just down the hill from where our house stands was an old, dilapidated log cabin. Apparently it was still being occupied as of 25-30 years ago. The picture below was given to Darryl by the tax assessor. At the time it was taken the cabin was still being lived in. However, there was no date on the photo.

IMG_1332It was becoming quite unsafe to have with small children around and since it is near where Darryl is building his new home it needed to come down. On March 18, 2007 Darryl and I spent the morning cleaning out a lot of junk that had been stored in this old cabin. Most went directly onto a burn pile. The picture above was taken after we had gotten it cleaned out. If you look close you will see a chain that is hooked around the logs just above the doorway.

IMG_1334In this shot you can see Darryl’s Chevy Suburban hooked up to the chain and about ready to pull. It didn’t take much of a pull.

IMG_1340This shot shows the building beginning to fall.

IMG_1341And, it was down. All that was left was the clean-up. Several of the big hewn logs are still quite solid and Darryl hopes to be able to use them somewhere in some of the future building that will be done.


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