Whole Wheat Flour

>> Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One doesn’t have to do a lot of research to discover that the white, enriched and bleached flour most of our breads and baked goods are made from is not a healthful product. There are many good articles on the internet but you might just read this one entitled the Ugly Truths About White Flour.

We have used whole wheat flour for many years but much of that time it was flour purchased at the grocery store. Even that has it’s problems. More recently we were buying our flour through a food co-op and getting the flour made from organically grown wheat. Wheat prices and flour prices began to skyrocket this past year. We found that buying the wheat was more economical than buying flour. So, grinding our own flour became something we felt we needed to do. We also found that using flour that has been ground fresh we were getting more good from the natural nutriments in the grain.

This past summer we purchased a grain mill so we could grind our own flour and our own corn meal. We bought The Family Grain Mill with an electric motor and received a hand base with it, which allows us to grind by hand if electricity isn’t available. Below are some pictures of the mill in operation.

Jan  6th 010 The wheat berries are poured into the hopper on the mill.

Jan  6th 001Flour is being ground into the stainless steel bowl.

Jan  6th 011Here is a close-up of the flour coming from the mill. Part of this freshly ground flour went into the biscuits we had for supper.


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