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>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In an earlier post I talked about my first plate that I (or my mother for part of the time) had kept for all of these years.  There were a few other items that had been kept by my mother and dad that I now have and am keeping.  One is related to my first plate,  and, that is my first cup.  It isn’t plastic as most children’s first cups are now-a-days.  It is a heavy “china” cup.  The manufacturer, W. S. George of East Palestine, Ohio, was a manufacturer of semi-porcelain chinaware from 1904-1960. 

Feb         24th 004Although I did a brief search on the internet I could not find a photo of a cup just like this but did find that in the late 40’s and early 50’s the W. S. George Pottery Company did offer a Hopalong Cassidy set that included a cup just like it but with a picture of Hoppy on the side. 

Another item that I found among my parent’s things was a pocket watch.  Darryl did an internet search a few years ago when we were discussing this watch and discovered that it was made in 1906.  I have been unable to “prove it” but I suspect that this watch was my granddad’s watch since he was married in 1906 and this watch was very likely a wedding present from his bride.

Feb          25th 003 If these items could only talk and tell us about themselves.  However, I intend to keep them and appreciate them.


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