Egyptian Walking Onions

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

I can remember well our patch of “winter onions” that we had on the farm where I grew up.  Dad had started them long before I could remember, probably before I was born.  We used them primarily for green onions early in the Spring.  They reseeded themselves and came up every Spring.  I hadn’t seen any of these onions in many years.  Talking with one of my cousins recently about these onions he said he, like me, hadn’t seen or heard of them until about a year ago.  He discovered that only a few seed companies had them and they were called Egyptian Walking Onions.  He had obtained some sets and planted them last year.  I started looking for some companies that carried the sets.  I found several but the price was very expensive at some and others only shipped sets in the fall.

I finally ordered some from a company in Colorado, Ronniger Potato Farm LLC, I ordered enough that Darryl and I can both plant some.

onion Hopefully by next Spring I can be harvesting green onions!


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