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026 Perhaps, just perhaps, Wisconsin has real live elephants among its wildlife but I don’t believe we have any here in Kentucky.  I have liked elephants for many years.  I don’t know exactly when this liking elephants first began.  Perhaps it may have gotten a start when I had a print put into the office I occupied over 35 years ago.

Misc0009 Just a few years ago I found out a bit more about that print I had so much enjoyed.  This picture was entitled “Wise Old Elephant” and was painted in 1962 by David Shepherd.  According to many internet sites over 250,000 copies were sold.

wiseoldelephant#2 To the left is a better picture of this painting, taken from the internet.

Sometime in the 70’s or 80’s I began collecting small figurines and other items with elephants.  Of course as time went on I had help with this collection.  Right now I don’t have room to display most of them and they are boxed and in storage.  Below is a photo of a few that I have here in the house.

Feb 1st 001


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