Can Spring Be But Right Around The Corner?

>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb    10th 006 Surely Spring must be about here.  We have had very warm and comfortable temperatures for the last several days.  Friday was in the low 60’s, Saturday in the mid 60’s, Sunday and Monday both hit 70 and today was in the low 60’s again.  The daffodils and the irises are coming up.  I saw and heard the sandhill cranes heading back North while I was outside yesterday. 

Feb    10th 003 I know that there will probably be a few more cold days and nights but hopefully the worst of Winter is behind us.  I know that we are anxious to get into the garden.  It won’t be long before baby goats will be arriving.  We have been receiving seed catalogs for the last several weeks.  I recently received a catalog from one of the poultry farms that sells day old chicks.  Spring can’t be far off.

Feb    10th 004


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