Greenhouse Repair

>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

In an earlier post I discussed my small greenhouse that I built last Spring.  One thing I have learned from my few months of having and using a greenhouse—buy plastic that is designed for a greenhouse.  I have been using 6 mil. clear plastic obtained from the local building supply store.  I haven’t had a great deal of success with it lasting any length of time at all.

I built the greenhouse in mid-April 2008.  By early August the plastic on the top began to rip and after a windy night it was completely destroyed.  I replaced it later in the month.  That lasted until early October and it began to rip.  Having some plastic left I put another layer over the top of that one.

Guess what I discovered yesterday morning?  Yeah, you guessed it, the plastic on top had ripped and the wind had completely decimated it once again.

Feb   8th 001 As you can see in the photo above it didn’t look very pretty at all.  Darryl had some new plastic and gave me a piece big enough to cover the top once again.

Feb   8th 005 I have the new plastic over the top and have started stapling it down.

Feb   8th 007 Once again the greenhouse has the top covered.  Hopefully this will last for awhile, at least until I can get some greenhouse plastic and have on hand.  Thankfully our temperatures have been nice and warm and the greens that are growing  inside were not injured in any way.  I have had to have a small electric heater running inside on a few of the colder days and nights.  That has worked great, even on the one night we dropped to below zero.


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