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>> Sunday, February 22, 2009

With Darryl away this weekend I have been doing his chores “down the hill.”  The barn is at the bottom of the hill and near where Darryl is building his new house.  However, for the present he walks down the hill at least twice everyday to take care of his livestock, etc.  So, even though I go down fairly often it generally isn’t on a regular twice a day basis.  The following photos show the trip back up the hill. 

The first picture was taken near the bottom of the drive.  The second from near the top of what is seen in photo number one.  Likewise #3 from near the top of #2 and so on.  It is hard to show the amount of climb one makes but the turns in the drive are quite obvious.

Feb      20th 007 Feb      20th 008

Feb      20th 009

Feb      20th 010

Feb      20th 011 As one can see in the last two photos our house is at or near the top of the hill.  In the photo on the left you can see Danny’s doublewide at the top.  Darryl’s present home is to the left, out of the picture.  At the point where the photo was taken in #4 Connie generally feels the need to take a breather.

Darryl’s two youngest children were born after their move here to Cedar Ridge Farm and very shortly after each one began to walk they began climbing the hill.  If nothing else they are in good physical shape.


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