She’s Precious

>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some time ago I introduced you to Toby, our chihuahua.  Later I did a post about our “old lady cat,” Snickers.  But, I have never gotten around to presenting Precious to you.

She was acquired the first summer we were here in Kentucky.  While staying in the old mobile home in town with our oldest son and his 5 year old daughter with us, Connie agreed to get a kitten for Tana (our 5 year old granddaughter whose name is Montana).  She heard a man call in to the local radio station with kittens to give away.  They made a trip out to his home where Tana picked out the kitten she wanted and shortly named her Precious.

When Mark and Tana moved back to Illinois that fall Precious became totally our kitten.  She has grown up of course and has truly become what her name portrays, she is very precious.  Here are a couple of photos.

Jan  2nd 012IMG_0196 Precious, like Snickers, is an “inny and outy” spending time inside as well as outside.  One night last week she spent the night outside but was not waiting at the door the next morning to get inside.  As time went on she still didn’t appear, which was quite unusual for her.  I kept thinking maybe she got shut in the barn but when I went out to take care of the goats and chickens I didn’t find her there.  A little later I had a hunch.  I had unloaded and carried several bags of feed from the van to the barn.  I just wondered maybe?  Sure enough, she had gotten into the van while I was getting the feed carried to the barn and had gotten herself shut inside.  She was fine and was soon back inside getting some food.


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