Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

The flowering dogwoods are beginning to bloom here in South Central Kentucky. We are able to see the white “flowers” of the trees scattered throughout the woods, but generally on the outside edges of the wooded areas. According to an article on the USDA’s web site “the white 'flowers' of flowering dogwood are actually four large white bracts encircling a cluster of tiny yellowish true flowers. The bracts start out small and green, and gradually enlarge and turn white during the mid-spring blooming season.”

April    16th 004 In the photo above you can tell that these still have a green look to them.

April    16th 008 In this picture the white bracts, with a bit of purple coloring, can be seen around the central cluster of flowers.

April    16th 005 How do you identify a dogwood tree when it isn’t in bloom? By its bark, of course! Although that is an old joke it is actually true. You look for rough, square to hexagonal patterns like cracked mud. See the picture below.

April    16th 009 We enjoy the many flowering trees here. The redbuds are still blooming and now the dogwoods are in bloom. There will be other trees blooming soon. It seems almost all spring and summer long there is some tree blooming plus we have lots of wild flowers. We feel blessed.


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