Update On Woodworking Shop

>> Thursday, January 6, 2011

Since I last updated you on my progress I have been able to spend several hours working on the shop.  I finished the flashing on the porch roof and patched the nail holes in the used metal roofing.

Most of the work has been on the inside of the shop area.  When I tore down the old house I initially was thinking of the framing lumber and the metal roofing.  However, I noticed that the walls and the ceilings had been made with tongue and groove lumber.  Quite a bit had already been removed but it looked to me like there would be plenty for my needs.

Nov. 11 013

The picture above was taken inside the old house before we brought it down.  What you are seeing is a couple of walls and a partial ceiling.  These are the boards I used on the walls in the workshop.  Below is a couple of photos taken this afternoon in the shop.



The diagonal boards are structural braces.  Because of them I had to cut all of the wall boards with angles.  It took a bit longer perhaps but I got the job done.  Now the fun begins to get benches and tools set up.


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