Making Slingshots

>> Monday, January 24, 2011

I recently watched a YouTube video that I felt the grandsons would enjoy so I sent the link to Darryl. (I’ll put the video in, for your enjoyment as well, at the bottom of this post.)  It is about the use of the old fashioned slingshot.  I know I had several as I was growing up.  My dad made my first one but I made other ones myself.  I could never hit much of anything with them but they were fun.

Shortly after watching the video the 9 year old grandson came down looking for material to make a slingshot.  He wasn’t sure what to use for the “rubber” in the slingshot.  He remembered some of the rags I was using in the shop and he came asking if he could have the elastic from some of my old underwear.  I told him I didn’t believe that would work.  I suggested that if he had an old inner tube he could cut strips from that.  It so happened he had an old bicycle inner tube.  Shortly he had cut out a chunk with his knife and tried fastening it onto his forked stick with screws.  I told him we would just have to make some slingshots.

So, yesterday we made each of the grandsons and the youngest granddaughter a simple little slingshot.  Not professional quality but something to have fun with.

Here is the video I mentioned.


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