After Summer Comes Spring

>> Friday, March 25, 2011

Following several days of summer like weather we are back to spring like weather.  We had several days of near 80 degree temperatures with overnight temperatures only in the 60’s.  Now we are barely making it to 50 in the daytime and last night it was down in the mid-30’s.

While it was summer I got all of my early garden planted.  On Monday I planted radishes, lettuce, spinach and carrots.  On Tuesday I planted potatoes and onion sets as well as beets.  I managed to do a bit of cleanup in the yard.  Connie cleaned leaves from her flower beds and set out several plants that she recently purchased.


Our 3 peach trees are in full bloom.  The redbuds are about ready to break into full bloom as well.  The lilac bushes are leafed out with bloom buds showing on the older bush.  The little weeping willow tree is leafed out and many of the trees in the woods are beginning to leaf out.

A little over a week ago we got baby goats.  Our Zoe had twin boys.


This pix was taken this morning.  They are doing quite well.


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