What Have I Been Doing?

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They say time goes by rapidly when you are having fun.  I seem to have been having lots of fun since time has gone by quite rapidly since I last posted.  Well, what have I been doing?  Here is a brief recap of the last several weeks and months.

In early June Connie and I made a trip to Wisconsin to attend our grandson, Cory’s, high school graduation.  Our granddaughter from Illinois Tana, came back with us to spend several weeks. The last Sunday in June we made a trip to Illinois to attend a family reunion, returning on Monday.  My high school graduation class held its 50th year reunion the following weekend.  I couldn’t make it for all weekend but did drive up on Sunday, July 4th.  I was able to ride the class “float” in the annual 4th of July parade and attend an afternoon meal and visitation with a number of the classmates.

Our oldest son came the 9th of July and spent a few days before taking his daughter, Tana, back home.  Our granddaughter, Beth, from Wisconsin drove to his home in Illinois and caught a ride down with him.  We enjoyed having both of them here for a few days.

Later in the month of July we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.  We just took a couple of days and spent them visiting antique shops, thrift stores and eating a couple of meals out. All in all it was an enjoyable couple of days.

The last part of September we went to the Lake of the Ozarks and spent about 10 days celebrating a religious festival with a group of about 450 people.  One of the highlights was meeting and getting to know a lady whose blog we read regularly.

As I have been reporting I have been working off and on building a small woodworking shop.  I haven’t done much on it for the last several weeks.  Priority has been on getting my son, Darryl’s, house closed in before bad weather.  We are making great headway.  For an up-to-date report you can read his blog, Cedar Ridge Farm.


The summer has been hot and dry.  Our garden didn’t do real well but we had plenty of tomatoes to eat but few to can.  As a matter of fact, I picked some tomatoes yesterday morning.  I don’t remember ever picking tomatoes this late in the year.  We have had a light frost but it didn’t seem to hit the garden.  I’m afraid that will change this weekend.

Anyway, that is some of what I have been doing.  I’ll try to do better at blogging.


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