A Bit More Progress On Woodworking Shop

>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

How can over a month passed since I last posted?  I guess time goes by fast when you are having fun, huh?  I’ve been helping Darryl on his house several days a week and attempting to keep up with the other things needing to be done has kept my progress on my workshop at a pretty slow pace, but there is a bit more progress to report.

I installed a door to the storage loft, using weights in the wall to assist in opening and closing it.  I wanted a door to help keep dust from the shop from going up and getting on the stored items.

Here is a view of the door as you start up the stairs.


This view is from inside the loft looking at the door in the open position.  You can see the green rope that goes over a pulley and down into the wall of the first floor.  Old window weights are attached to the end of the rope.

Pictured here is a small closet that I built to hang winter clothing in the summer and summer clothing in the winter.

I built shelves along one wall and, as you can see, quite a number of items have already been placed on the shelves.

On the outside of the workshop I have put on some of the corner and window trim.  Unable to be seen here is the trim that is also around the double doors.  The other side has yet to be finished.


I have most of the outlets wired and the boxes up for the lights.  I still have to run wire from the main breaker box in the house to a small box in the shop.

You can keep up with the progress being made on Darryl’s house and some of the work I’ve been helping with by clicking here.


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