Workshop Progress

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here is a photo essay of the work that has been done on my woodworking shop over the last two weeks.

IMG_2332 The sills and the floor joists completed.

IMG_2342 About one half of the flooring has been put down.

IMG_2348 Here is the flooring totally installed.

IMG_2351 The back stud wall has been built and raised into place.

IMG_2356 One side and the front stud walls have been built and set into place.

IMG_2369The last stud wall in place, ceiling joists beginning to be set and the stairway to the loft area built.

IMG_2373  All of the ceiling joists are in place.

IMG_2374 Salvaged rough sawn boards formerly used as purlins being put down for the loft floor.

IMG_2382 This is a side view taken after all my tools were put away this evening.


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