I Have Begun Building My Woodworking Shop

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Fall I decided that I would like to have a small woodworking shop and knew I couldn’t afford to build one without coming up with some used material.  I posted about getting an old house to tear down.  (You can read about it here.) I finally finished that aspect of the project and Darryl took his trailer up and helped me bring the last of the lumber home. 


I have a back yard stacked with boards, rocks and metal roofing.


I have decided to build the workshop on block piers rather than  a full foundation.  This last week I got the blocks set and filled them with concrete.


This picture was taken before the blocks were filled with concrete.  You can see that my back yard isn’t very level!  The building will be 14’ wide and 16’ long.  I plan to put a loft in it for storage.  In the background in this photo you can see my barn and the woodshed.


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