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>> Sunday, May 3, 2009

As I mentioned in an earlier post we have many kinds of trees that bloom throughout the Spring and early Summer here in  South-Central Kentucky.  One tree that is in bloom now is a tree that I was quite unfamiliar with when we moved here.  We saw quite a number of the trees in bloom throughout the area and it seemed that the people we asked didn’t know what they were either.  Darryl finally found them pictured and described on the internet.  They are the Royal Paulownia, named after Anna Paulownia the daughter of the Czar of Russia, also called the Royal Empress Tree or Princess Tree.  They are native of China and are known as the the world’s fastest growing tree, growing as much as 12 to 15 feet per year.

The wild trees are considered to be an “invasive exotic tree,” meaning they will spread and become a nuisance.  Some now being sold by garden supply companies claim to be “cloned” so that they do not produce fertile seeds.  The trees produce clusters of lavendar flowers.  We do not have any of the trees here on the farm and Darryl doesn’t want any due to their invasive proclivities.  There are a couple on the adjoining farm but I haven’t had the chance to photograph them.  The picture of a Royal Empress Tree in bloom, below, was taken from an internet site.

royal_empress_tree Another tree that is currently blooming here in the area is the locust.  I believe it is properly called a black locust.  Here are a couple of photos taken about a mile from here along the road.

IMG_7674 It is hard to tell in this picture but the blooms are very white.  Below is a close-up.

IMG_7679 Bees love these flowers and the black locust tree, which is a legume (a member of the pea family), is a  major  “honey” plant in many areas.  They are quite impressive when full of bloom as they are now.


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