Everything’s Green!

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

It seems that everything has become green within the last couple of weeks.  The grass has become green.  The trees have their leaves and are very green.  It doesn’t matter which way one looks, everything is green.  Here are a few photos I took a few minutes ago from around the yard.

May 6th 001 May 6th 002

May 6th 003 May 6th 004

May 6th 006 May 6th 007

May 6th 008 May 6th 010

As you can see the trees all around us are very green, the grass is green, the strawberry plants are green, the lettuce is green BUT they aren’t all the same boring shade of green.  So many shades of green!  One would think that the Creator’s favorite color must be green.


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