Connie’s Flowerbed

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Connie enjoys flowers and shortly after moving here to the farm I dug up an area in front of our parking area for a flowerbed.  I remember that the soil was full of small rocks, I must have thrown out bushels of them.  She added compost and manure but it seems she continued to have some difficulties.  The soil dried out quickly and perhaps one of the biggest problems was that the ground sloped.  Flat land is hard to find here on the ridge.  I told her that I would put landscape timbers around the area and level things out.

I got that done last week.  I carried up 25 five gallon buckets of dirt from the side of the hill plus added 3 wheelbarrow loads of “dressing” from the stockyard.  I’m sure more soil will be needed as everything settles but she has been busy getting plants set out and some seeds planted.  Here are a few photos.  We will have to revisit after the plants have grown and are fully in bloom.

May  13th 004 May  13th 005

May  13th 006 May  13th 001


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