>> Friday, November 28, 2008

I mentioned in the previous post about receiving another deer. I might explain that we have let it be known the last couple of years that we here on the farm would like any deer that others have taken during the hunting season and didn't care to keep for themselves. And, each year we have received several.

Kentucky has several deer hunting seasons, archery, crossbow, muzzleloader, modern gun, youth-only firearm and even a free youth weekend. Darryl has not been successful as of yet in the archery season, but there is time left--it continues until Jan. 19, 2009. Muzzleloader season is split--two days in October (18th and 19th) and 9 days in December (13th-21st). During the two days in October Darryl successful harvested a nice doe. During the modern gun season he was able to bag 2 more does and I, after missing a couple of good shots, managed to get a nice young 6 point buck. As one can legally take 4 deer (one may be antlered) Darryl is hoping to get another deer during the Dec. muzzleloader season. My hunting is with a "modern gun" so my hunting season is over for the year but I will be available to help process any that Darryl may get or that others may bring to us.

We have several deer in the area. My granddaughter Beth and her boyfriend, Tim, saw a deer in our backyard this evening. So, just maybe one will present itself when Darryl gets out there in the woods with his muzzleloader.


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