How Long Is Forever?

>> Saturday, August 6, 2011

I know there are many answers to that question but I think the appropriate response for me would be “since I last posted!”  The last post is dated June 19th.  A lot has transpired since then.  I’ll try to give you a brief recap of what has been happening here on Cedar Ridge.

The last weekend in June we drove up to central Illinois to attend a annual family reunion.  Our oldest son left his daughter, Tana, with us to spend about a month.  We went from central Illinois on to Wisconsin to our daughter’s home for a short visit—we also got to meet our new great-grandson, Jason.

Upon our return home we were in the middle of blackberry season.  I had picked 4 gallon before we left and Darryl, Danny and the grandsons had been busy while we were gone.  Connie and Anne were canning blackberries, Danny was freezing blackberries.  And, we were all eating a lot of them fresh.  We lost track of exactly how many we picked but we know it was over 60 gallons.  That is a lot of berries, and I might add, scratches and chiggers.

July was mostly hot and dry.  Our garden suffered.  I watered some items but some things just had to be let go.  I got our garlic pulled and hung up to dry, our potatoes dug and also the onions harvested.  We have been getting a few tomatoes but our plants have been hit with some kind of fungus and it doesn’t appear that we will get a lot of tomatoes. 

Darryl and Anne got away for a couple of days—a late anniversary celebration.  We kept the grandkids and did the milking.  One afternoon we took Darryl’s four and Tana to the county lake fishing.  The pan fish were biting and several were caught.  Of course we had to keep almost all of them.  After cleaning 10 or 12 I decided we had enough for our “fish fry.”  Darryl and Anne got home before we were ready to eat so we invited them to join us.  The kids were all pretty excited about not only catching fish but in have “their” fish for supper.

July 19th was our 47th wedding anniversary.  We had talked about taking a couple of days and doing something special but with the hot days we decided to put that off.  So, we took Tana with us and went to Bowling Green where we visited several thrift shops and finished off the afternoon by going to Chaney’s Dairy Barn for some of their farm made ice cream.

That weekend our son, Mark, from Illinois came to spend a few days and take his daughter back home.  Our granddaughter, Beth, from Wisconsin drove to Mark’s home and she and her new son (our great-grandson) came as well.  We had a very enjoyable weekend.

In the last two weeks we started another big project which I’ll write about in another post.  Also, this last week I helped Darryl put up more hay and Connie and I canned 35 quarts of peaches.  We bought enough peaches so that we could share with Darryl’s and Danny and have quite a few to put into the refrigerator to eat fresh.

I’ll try to not take forever before posting again.


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