Harvesting Rainwater—Part Two

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

(Harvesting Rainwater—Part One can be read here.)

The last photo in Part One was of the first concrete septic tank ready to be set off of the delivery truck. Here are a couple more photos of the tank being set.



Darryl is helping guide it into place.


The first tank is in place. You can see that it isn’t going to be underground at all. About two hours later the driver was back with tank number two and it was soon set into place as well.


Both tanks are set. Now the work begins getting them hooked up and ready to harvest rainwater. Since the tanks were designed to be used as septic tanks the inlet and outlet of each tank is on the ends and very near the top. Using them as cisterns we wanted to be able to hook them together in such a way that they would fill equally and also so that we could pump the water from near the bottom of the tanks. To accomplish this we rented a drill with a 3” core bit which has diamond teeth and drilled holes through the tanks. (We did these two and then Darryl’s three.) After drilling the holes we put 2” PVC pipe through the approximately 4” walls. They were sealed with silicone along with a Plexiglas plate on each side.


Pipe with valves, etc. connected these together. I built a box to protect all of this.

IMG_0094This photo shows all of the pipe and connections within the box—the lid is lifted and we are looking down into the box.

In Part Three we will continue the story of turning two septic tanks into a 3000 gallon cistern for harvesting and storing rainwater.


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