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>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have often thought that since we aren’t able at this time to grow all of our own grain for livestock feed that feeding what is commercially available was our only choice. I never occurred to me to even ask if organic feed was even available. A friend of ours recently talked to one of her friends who works at a feed store (of the same company that owns and operates the store where I purchase my feed) and asked if they could supply organic feed. He told her that they could, that in fact they normally stocked some but were temporarily out. He said they could get it brought in.

I went in and talked to one of the fellows in the store here locally on Wednesday. He at first told me that they made organic cattle feed but in bulk only, meaning that one would have to buy 3 tons at a time. He didn’t know about organic chicken feed but was willing to check. He called and found that the company did in fact make and bag organic chicken feed but were down to only one bag in stock. He ordered it in for me and I picked it up yesterday. My question was whether they would continue to make and bag this item. He said he was told that they plan to run more next week and he seemed quite willing to keep a few bags in stock for me, and for Danny who wishes to feed it as well.

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My thanks to Karla who thought to ask a question that I had never thought to ask. Her question came up after having watched a video on the dangers of genetically modified foods. You can watch it here.


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