Opry Mills Shopping Mall

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Before returning home on Monday afternoon, July 20th,  Connie and I spent 2-3 hours at the Opry Mills Shopping Mall.  This mall is right next door to the Opryland Resort and the Grand Ole Opry House and sits on the former site of the Opryland USA theme park.  It was constructed in 1999, a joint venture of Mills Corporation and Gaylord Entertainment.  It is now owned by Simon Property Group.  There are over 200 stores and services within this 1,200,000 square foot facility.  I calculated that out to be 27 and 1/2 acres.  You can check out the Opry Mills website.


One of the couples that sat at our table on the General Jackson had visited Opry Mills the previous day and mentioned several interesting things to us.  One was the Aquarium Restaurant.  They advertize this as “an underwater dining adventure.”  They were not open for business when we walked by but we could look into the dining area.  Huge fish could be seen swimming right by the tables.  As you walk into the facility you will have fish swimming on both sides and above you.

july  19th - 20th 077 july  19th - 20th 074 We also enjoyed the aquarium within the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.  (That facility takes up approximately 3 acres!)  Their aquarium if filled with fresh water fish, one of which is this gigantic catfish pictured below.

july  19th - 20th 083 It was almost impossible to keep from getting reflections.

One store we particularly enjoyed spending some time in was Black Lion (or maybe Blacklion)

.  This large facility is filled with numerous smaller booths with items from individual vendors.  Some would liken it to an antique mall perhaps but the items are new and range from framed pictures, craft items, to ???  I think Connie did buy a couple of small items in this store.

If you can keep your cash and credit card close to you this mall is a fun place to visit.


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