My Garden Rocks!

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

In a recent post, Please Pass the Dressing, I recounted hauling and spreading “dressing” from the local stockyard on my garden.  As Darryl’s tiller is at the bottom of the hill I decided to work the “dressing” into the soil with my grub hoe (I’ll do a post on that soon).  I also mentioned in the above referenced post that I have rock very near the top of the ground.  Well, some was very close.  I hit it with the grub hoe at a depth of only a few inches in the middle of the area I was working.  I attempted to dig it, or rather, them out.  There was one large flat rock on top of another.  I didn’t get them all but as you can see from the following photos I got several.

IMG_3527 In the foreground is the pile of rocks I had already removed.  As you can tell, I have dug a good sized hole in getting them out.

IMG_3534 Here I’m wrestling another large rock out of the hole.

IMG_3538 And it is added to the growing rock pile.

IMG_3540 Another view of the pile of rocks taken from the one small area of the garden.  When I attempted to fill the hole back in with soil I found that I need more, I have quite a depression to fill in.

Anyone need some rock?


Anna March 22, 2009 at 7:40 PM  

Now you'll have to come up with some use for all that rock.

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