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>> Friday, May 10, 2013

I’ve been impressed by all of the trees that bloom in the Spring here on the ridge and in the area.  Cousin Mike from Canada suggested I post some pictures, so here goes.

IMG_1297The redbud trees are the first trees to bloom out.  This particular tree is located near Darryl’s pond. 

IMG_0002Before the redbud trees finish blooming the dogwood trees burst into full bloom.  This tree is near our mailbox.

Here is a close-up view of a redbud tree.

And, here is a close-up of a dogwood in bloom.

IMG_0019-2Before the dogwood trees are finished blooming one can begin to see blooms way up high in the tulip poplar trees.  This photo is zoomed in quite a bit and you have to look close to see the yellow blooms.

In this photo I have zoomed in a bit more.

And here is an even closer look at the bloom of a tulip poplar tree.

Another tree that blooms at about the same time is the royal empress tree, also known as the royal princess and royal Paulownia.  This tree is on a neighboring property.

IMG_0033The numerous locust trees are also in bloom at the same time.  As you can see the trees are loaded with blooms.

IMG_0031In this final close-up photo you can see the beautiful locust blooms.


Anonymous May 10, 2013 at 10:40 PM  

Thanks, Garry.

Lovely picts. Any orchards nearby? When apple and pear trees bloom, bees really get busy. They love fruit flowers, and there's a kind of wild citrus tree (forget the name) that they use to produce a dark honey.

I'll be posting some of your images on Facebook, with a link, so folks around the world can also read your blog if they like.


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