Our 33 Day, 6731 Mile Road Trip–part 3

>> Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I promised in part 2 that I would include some photos of the mountains we began to see as we got into Wyoming.  Here are a couple.

Wyoming 4This was taken by Connie out of the windshield, somewhere in western Wyoming.

Wyoming 7As we neared Cheyenne, WY we began to see snow on some of the mountains in the distance.

Day four of our trip, April 25th, we left the Wal-Mart lot in Rock Springs, WY and continued our westward journey.   Less than two hours later we were entering into the state of Utah. Within a few miles we left I-80 and got onto I-84, which we would follow all the way to Portland, Oregon.  Although we were unaware of it prior to coming upon a turn-out situated for viewing it we saw a quite unusual geological formation called The Devil’s Slide.  It consists of two parallel limestone strata that protrudes 40 feet out of the side of the mountain with a 25 foot wide channel between that runs down the mountainside for hundreds of feet.  Here is a photo Connie took.

Utah 1 
By taking I-84 we did not go through Salt Lake City nor did we really get to see the great Salt Lake,  just a few spots where we got a brief glimpse of some inlets.  We did continue to see mountains.  Here is another photo taken in Utah.

Utah 7We were obviously going down at this point, as you can see the road stretching out in front of us.

Our goal for our fourth day had been Mt. Home, Idaho but as we had been getting ahead of our goal the previous couple of days we did so quite easily this day as well.  This was another 500+ mile day and we crossed into Oregon and stopped for the night at a Pilot Travel Center in Ontario, OR.  It was here that we “bought” our first shower at a truck stop.  We found the shower rooms to be very nice and well maintained.

With the next installment we will begin to detail the many places we visited in the state of Oregon.


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