It Was A Very Hard Decision To Make

>> Friday, April 8, 2011

We began discussing it several weeks ago.  But that didn’t make it any easier to make the decision and then to move ahead once the decision was made.

I have enjoyed my goats.  I especially looked forward to the new kids in the Spring.  I really like good fresh goat milk.  But, the cost in purchased hay, grain and other odds and ends made the milk pretty expensive.  Part of the year we had more milk than we needed for just the two of us and then during a couple of months when the goats were dry we had no milk.

For the past few months Darryl has been giving us a couple of milkings of fresh cows milk per week.  That really takes care of our needs—cream for the coffee, milk for the cereal and an occasional glass of milk to drink.  He assured us that as long as he kept a cow he would share milk with us.

So, we finally make the decision to get rid of our goats.  I waited until Zoe had kidded and her kids were a couple of weeks old before I offered them for sale.  For some reason Brownie failed to kid this year.  She had been with the neighbor’s buck so I’m thinking she may have aborted early in her pregnancy.  Anyway, I priced her pretty “cheap” because she wasn’t producing.  To make a long story short a lady called with an interest in Brownie but by the time she got here she was thinking more about Zoe.  Finally she decided she would take both along with the little kids. 

I has been a week since they have been gone and I felt that I could write a post about it now.  I was a bit sad, both Brownie and Zoe were born here and grew up here on the farm.  They were both daughters of Annie, who had been a very good goat.  It is taking some getting use to not having them here.  But, I’m managing.


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