What Was I Thinking?

>> Thursday, April 15, 2010

In an earlier post I mentioned hauling home rocks that had been used for the foundation of the old house I’m tearing down.  I have since hauled even more home and there are a few more to bring.  We have had a flower bed in the back yard that is far from level.  The richer soil seems to migrate to the lower edge.  I decided that I would use the rocks to enclose this flower bed.  That was a bit of work but hauling soil and filling it in is also taking time and a toll on my back.

Now that I am nearing completion I found a recent listing on the “local” Craig’s List.  It was captioned,  “Handhewn Antique foundation stone - $500”  The ad states,  “I’ve got about 40 ranging in size from 12x12x5 to a couple 12x12x36.  These are HEAVY”  What was I thinking?  Mine were just as nice and heavy, I used approximately 40 of them on the flower bed and I’ve expended a lot of time and effort, and just think, I could have made a few hundred dollars (perhaps).  Anyway, pictured here is the project nearing completion.

As you can see we have to move a few more plants before I can finish filling in the flower bed.  Several have already been removed, some planted elsewhere and others awaiting being replaced in this bed.


Anna April 15, 2010 at 8:08 PM  

That looks really nice. But, yeah - less work and you could've made some money - what were you thinking?

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