Flexible Snow

>> Sunday, February 22, 2015

On Monday, February 16, we received over nine inches of snow.  I stepped outside and snapped a few pictures.  I took one showing the whole nine inches on the roof of our new woodshed.

Pix #1

Over the next few days the temperatures remained below freezing, part of the time even below zero.  Consequently there was no melting of the snow, just a bit of settling.  Friday night and most of the day Saturday we received rain.  This caused a bit of melting and more settling.  And, this all led to some unusual happenings.  With the snow becoming saturated with water that on the roof of the woodshed began to slowly slide.  I captured a photo of this on Sunday morning. 
Pix #2

With the whole roof full of snow sliding the expectation would be that the amount being pushed down would just fall from the lower edge of the roof.  Yeah, that was what I expected to happen anyway.  But, that wasn’t what occurred.  Here are a couple of photos, also taken on Sunday morning, of what did take place.

Pix #3

Pix #4

As the title indicates, the snow was very flexible, not breaking off and falling as expected. 


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